Brisbane Festival: Australia’s Youngest Arts Festival

Brisbane may not have the nerve-racking surfing breaks of Surfers Paradise or grassroots movements of the Hinterland, but it’s well-known to be one of the premier centers for the arts. To make sure everyone gets to explore their creativity or appreciate other people’s abilities, the Queensland government created the Brisbane festival, which is considered to be the youngest arts festival, having been put up only in 1996.

The annual Brisbane Festival brings in thousands of people from all over the world, especially during the opening night. The start of the event is signified by the QBE Riverfire. Held at night, the thousands of fireworks literally light up the sky, and the “fire” only adds to the excitement and delight of the crowd. To further increase the anticipation, various musical instruments, particularly the drum, come into play.

This—and the succeeding days and nights—will then be filled with plenty of artistic performances, from theaters to music and dances. If you want to ensure you don’t miss out any of them, visit the website. Mind you, some of the performances are simply mind-blowing and out of the box. Make sure you can see them.

Don’t think too that everything comes with a price tag. In fact, there are countless performances that can be watched completely free of charge. You can dance to the Latin beats of certified Havana dancers and instrumentalists, watch an opera performance from two of the biggest and respected organizations in the city, catch independent films, or listen to feel-good music with the sunset as the backdrop.

Also expect a smorgasbord of market stalls selling all types of goods that can stimulate the senses. There are organic produce and wines for the food enthusiasts and several arts and crafts for those who want to take home some souvenirs. You may also find yourself in informal meet-and-greet sessions with well-known performers.

In the morning, you can take a stroll to the nearby Southbank Parklands and organize a mini party with barbecues with friends. You can also rent a yacht that will take you throughout the river stretch. Get a magnificent view of the city on board the Brisbane Wheel.

In the evening, relax in a very warm and intimate Brisbane accommodation option called Bridgewater Terraces. It offers self-contained Brisbane apartments and a majestic garden view. Outside you can easily catch a bus or taxi that will take you to any point of the city.

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