How to Best Spend $100 in Brisbane

How do you spend just $100 in Brisbane and still get a full and wonderful experience? Brisbane is a beautiful city with lots to do. There are so many fun activities and places to go, and if all you plan to spend is $100, it could easily get confusing. Fact is, there are several great places you can go to have fun that don’t cost a lot.

Before you spend all your $100 in the one place, take a few moments to read my suggested itinerary below. I’ll share with you, six different things you can do in Brisbane that are very affordable. In fact, you can comfortably spread your 100 bucks across all these activities and still come away with some change.

Visit the Planetarium


Give yourself the gift of an experience of a lifetime with a visit to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. Get up close and personal with the stars and gaze upon the wonders of the milky way. It is a truly amazing experience and if you are content with gazing at the stars, it’s one that won’t cost you a dollar. However, if you are searching for something more, you can attend a show in the Cosmic Skydome or pick up tickets to one of the many events for less than $16.

Cost – $15.80

See the Marvel Exhibition at GOMA


The largest marvel exhibition ever is right at GOMA, in Brisbane, till September 3 2017. There is no way you can visit Brisbane and not see the Marvel Exhibition, that would be so wrong. Get to see classic Marvel heroes and comic characters like Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and so many others.

Always wanted to get close to Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer? Now’s your chance. The Marvel Exhibition will give you an opportunity to get immersed in the world of Marvel.

Cost – $25

Go Abseiling


Walk on the wild side and go abseiling at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Let the sheer beauty of the landscape seep into your consciousness when you are at the top of the cliffs and then experience the exhilarating rush as you literally step off those cliffs. You will be guided by qualified and experienced instructors and all the safety gear you need will be provided. The great thing about abseiling is that you don’t need to be a pro to do it. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it will be an experience you will be talking about for a very long time.

Best of all, if you’re staying with us at Bridgewater Terraces, then you won’t have to pay for any transport either. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs are a short 1km walk from our apartments.

Cost – $49

Explore New Farm

New Farm Brisbane

New Farm is a lovely suburb to explore and you can easily fill in half-a-day to a day there without it costing a cent. Visit New Farm Park and have a relaxing picnic or take a trip to the New Farm Farmers Markets. One market you certainly shouldn’t miss is Jan Power’s Powerhouse Farmer’s Markets. It is organised by Jan Power and is held every Saturday from 6am-12pm. Meet Brisbane’s grassroots community as you browse the fresh and organic farm produce on display. You might even find something that tickles your taste buds, but whether you do or not, it’s great fun either way.

Cost – Free

Cycle around Brisbane

Cycle around Brisbane

Take the scenic route around the Brisbane River on a bike. There are several bicycle paths you can take and the picturesque view on the way make it totally worth your while. Enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and the sheer fun of cycling around Brisbane. This is an activity you can do solo, with a partner or with a group. And if you have kids that are old enough to cycle as well, it is something the whole family can do together. Many of our guests choose this activity when going to-and-from Kangaroo Point and South Bank for their daily activities. You’ll find a bike hire station at Captain Burk Park.

Cost – $2

There you have it – a full filled itinerary that will cost you less than $100! And, if you’re looking for ways to save money for your holiday, then be sure to read this article.


Brisbane is a great holiday destination and it caters to different budgets. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun in the city. I’ve listed some of the best ways to spend $100 in Brisbane and if you are staying with us at Bridgewater Terrace, then you’ll have no trouble getting to these destinations on foot – especially if you go abseiling, it’s in Kangaroo Point, which is where our holiday apartments are located.

If you haven’t already booked any accommodation in Brisbane, then do consider our holiday apartments. With apartments from a little as $150 per night, we offer affordable accommodation in a convenient location. Click here to check availability for your stay.

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