Explore the historical side of Brisbane in a Day

Brisbane city has as much of a cosmopolitan touch as it has a historical touch to it. Apart from the historic structures, several museums across Brisbane also pay homage to classical art.

If you’re a history enthusiast and you’re looking to explore the historical side of Brisbane on a tight schedule, I have some good news for you. By planning things out properly, you’ll be able to experience Brisbane’s historical side in as little as a day’s time.

Today, I will offer you a full-day itinerary of how to experience the historical side of Brisbane in a day. Follow this itinerary, and you’re sure to have a great time exploring the classical side of our city.

Old Government House

Old Government House

Old Government House, Brisbane. Photo By Kgbo

Begin your day by visiting one of Queensland’s oldest heritage sites – the Old Government House at George Street. This heritage site has undergone a massive restoration and is now a museum that is open to the public. The museum includes a gallery and study centre that honours the life and works of prominent Queensland personalities from the past. 

Spend an hour or two at the Old Government House to get an insight into the early days and the colonial life of Queensland.

Commissariat Store

From the Old Government House, walk over to the Commissariat Store that is located just a kilometre away. The Commissariat Store is one of Brisbane’s oldest buildings that was built back in 1829 by convicts. Today, there is a museum at the site that houses Brisbane memorabilia and unique artifacts. This place has a wonderful, nostalgic feel to it and you’re sure to have an interesting time exploring it.

You can spend an hour at the Commissariat Store exploring the museum and the surrounding new colonies.

Treasury Casino

Treasury Casino

Treasury Casino, Brisbane. Photo by Jorge Láscar

From the Commissariat Store, have lunch and head over to the Treasury Casino, which is 400m away. Treasury Casino is a 24-hour casino that is set in a converted government building. The casino overlooks the Brisbane River and offers a colonial charm set amidst a deluxe hotel environment. This casino represents one of Australia’s grandest and oldest heritage buildings. It has been meticulously renovated to preserve its historical and cultural integrity.

While you may want to spend some time at the Treasury Casino, you should look to leave in a couple of hours if you’re on a tight schedule. This way, you’ll have late afternoon and early evening to explore other historical sites in Brisbane.

Museum of Brisbane

When you’ve had your fill exploring the Treasury Casino, walk down to the Museum of Brisbane, which is 300m away. The Museum of Brisbane is a living history of our city, and it offers a rich heritage of the culture of Brisbane.

You’ll get to witness enthralling artwork, unique workshops, and several exhibitions while you’re there. Make sure to climb the iconic clock tower to get a bird’s eye view of our city. Spend an hour at the Museum of Brisbane before you move on.

Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane City Hall

City Hall, Brisbane

From the Museum of Brisbane, visit the Brisbane City Hall which is located right beside it. Brisbane City Hall has functioned as the backdrop of our city’s civic, cultural and social events for over 80 years now. The City Hall underwent a restoration in 2013 and is now open to the public every day of the week.

There are plenty of interesting things to see and do at Brisbane City Hall. Take an hour to explore the area before heading on to the Old Windmill Observatory.

Old Windmill Observatory

After exploring Brisbane City Hall, walk down to the Old Windmill Observatory, which is located just 550m away. The Old Windmill Observatory is a heritage site and is one of only two remaining convict buildings in our city. It is also the oldest surviving building in all of Queensland.

At the Old Windmill Observatory, you’ll get a feel of the convict era of Queensland back in the early 1800s. The observatory has been restored several times and is now frequently visited by tourists.

So, there you go – these are some of Brisbane’s most important historical sites which you can visit in a day’s time. Make sure to follow the itinerary that I’ve suggested, and you’ll be able to explore all of these places. And, for Brisbane accommodation that puts you close to these destinations, choose Bridgewater Terraces. Our holiday apartments in Kangaroo Point are perfectly located close to all these historic locations I’ve mentioned.


To explore the historical side of Brisbane in a day, start by visiting the Old Government House. From there, move on to the Commissariat Store and the Treasury Casino which are both located in the vicinity. Have lunch and continue exploring the area with the Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Hall, and the Old Windmill Observatory.

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