Popular experiences to explore on your Brisbane holiday

Brisbane is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. While Brisbane does not offer the attractions that the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast offers, our city provides plenty of activities, experiences and sights for tourists to enjoy.

I am often asked by guests, what are the most popular experiences in Brisbane? In fact, I get asked this question so often that I decided to go ahead and create a post.

So, continue reading to discover some of the most popular things to do in Brisbane. The attractions that I’ll mention today are all located in the heart of the city so you shouldn’t have any problems exploring them.

Visit the local markets

Jan Power's Farmers Market

Jan Powers Farmers Market

Brisbane is well known for hosting a large variety of local markets. Every local market is unique and reflects the style of the many communities of our city. While more local markets are organized on weekends, you can expect to find some great local markets even on weekdays.

Some of the most popular local markets in Brisbane include the Jan Powers Markets, Suitcase Rummage Markets, South Bank Young Designers Markets, Riverside at the Gardens Markets, Boundary Street Markets and The Collective Markets. Each of these is a powerhouse market which attracts both locals as well as tourists. Do make sure to add these local markets to your list of things to do in Brisbane.

Unwind at rooftop bars

Brisbane is known to be a sunny city with great weather. And, what better way to experience this than by visiting any one of the open-air rooftop bars in Brisbane? Over the past few years, our city has seen a massive rise in the number of rooftop bars. Rooftop bars offer a great way to meet up with friends, relax or just have some of the finest cocktails that can be made.

Rooftop bars are spread out all over Brisbane but are more concentrated around Brisbane CBD and Fortitude Valley. If you choose to stay with us at Bridgewater Terraces, you’ll be close to both the CBD and Fortitude Valley. We’ll put you close to some of the best rooftop bars in Brisbane.

Of the many rooftop bars in our city, my personal favourites are Sazerac Bar, The Pool Terrace & Bar and White Lightning Tiki Bar. Do pay a visit to these when you’re visiting our city. 

Keep cool in freshwater rock pools

Many tourists travelling to Brisbane bring along their swimming gear. That’s because Brisbane has plenty of freshwater rock pools and swimming holes located within the city itself. These freshwater rock pools are located in the midst of subtropical rainforests and native bushes. By taking a dip at any of these pools, you’ll get to experience authentic Australian outdoors.

Many of our guests at Bridgewater Terraces also visit Brisbane’s swimming holes. If you’d like to do the same, then do consider Springbrook Twin Falls, Currumbin Rock Pools and Cougal Cascades and Enoggera Dam. You’ll get to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time while cooling off in the lap of nature.

Dine at outdoor restaurants

Brisbane CBD restaurant

Brisbane CBD restaurant with the Story Bridge in the background

If any city was designed for alfresco dining, it is our city, Brisbane. Thanks to the wonderful subtropical climate and the gorgeous Brisbane River, there are plenty of outdoor restaurants. And, with sublime views and great cuisine, it isn’t hard to guess why so many locals and tourists dine outdoors. So, do add outdoor dining to your list of things to do in Brisbane.

I’m a big fan of outdoor dining myself. Some of my personal favourite outdoor restaurants are Riverbar & Kitchen, Customs House and South Bank Beer Garden. You’re sure to have a great time dining at any of these wonderful outdoor restaurants.


When it comes to things to do in Brisbane, you have plenty to look forward to. Some of the most popular experiences to explore on your Brisbane holiday include visiting the local markets, unwinding at rooftop bars, keeping cool at freshwater rock pools and dining at outdoor restaurants. You’ll find both locals and tourists enjoying these activities in Brisbane.

And, for accommodation that puts you close to these attractions, consider our holiday apartments at Bridgewater Terraces. So, pack your bags, plan a great Brisbane holiday and book your accommodation with us today!

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