Top 6 Raining Day activities in Brisbane

Brisbane is known to experience a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, we also see our share of unexpected rains. Regardless of the season, our city does experience rains for at least a few days every month.

If you’re holidaying in Brisbane and you’re facing bad weather, don’t let it dampen your spirits. Several of our guests here at Bridgewater Terraces make the most of their time by engaging in raining day activities in Brisbane. Today, I’ll list some such activities that you can enjoy in our city despite bad weather.

1. Visit the Brisbane Planetarium

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium – photo from their Facebook page.

One of the best ways to spend a rainy Friday night in our city is by visiting Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. Featuring special events every Friday, the planetarium offers you a fun environment with plenty of fun activities on offer. And your kids will get to learn something new as well!

2. Drop by a hidden bar

Brooklyn Standard

Brooklyn Standard – photo from their Facebook page.

There’s no better way to spend a rainy day in Brisbane than by setting yourself up at one of our city’s hidden dive bars. There are several gems in our city, and it’s up to you how much you want to explore. Some of my personal favourites include The Menagerie, Brooklyn Standard and The Elephant Room, to name a few. Grab an umbrella, and make sure to check out these amazing bars!

3. Spend time at the GOMA


QAGOMA – photo from their Facebook page.

The GOMA is one of the favourite hangout spots for Brisbane locals looking to avoid the rains. Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art contains permanent exhibitions on display and also hosts special events throughout the year. At GOMA, there’s plenty to see, and it also features a mix of free and paid exhibits. Even if it’s not raining, spending some time at the GOMA is one of the best activities in Brisbane you can enjoy on your holiday.

4. Visit a boutique cinema

 Blue Room Cinebar

Blue Room Cinebar – photo from their Facebook page.

Brisbane is a city full of movie buffs, and you’ll find plenty of boutique cinemas strewn across our city. Brisbane’s boutique cinemas are designed to offer you much more than the average experience at the movies. You can look forward to amazing food, super-comfortable recliners, delicious dessert and even fine champagne at many of our city’s boutique cinemas. I’ll recommend you to check out the Blue Room Cinebar and Palace Cinemas, which are arguably two of Brisbane’s finest cinemas.

5. Take a tour of the XXXX Brewery

the xxxx ale house

The XXXX Ale House

XXXX is one of the oldest beer brands in Queensland, which has been around for over 130 years now. At XXXX Brewery, you can take a guided tour to see how this beer is crafted. While you’ll get to learn more about the ingredients that go into this beer, you’ll also get to taste and appreciate some fresh XXXX beer. The packing hall at this brewery is the largest in the southern hemisphere, so make sure not to miss out on this tour!

6. Take your family to Bounce

Bounce is a massive trampoline park which is located just 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Featuring more than 50 connected trampolines, slam dunk areas, giant airbags, and soft walls, you can have a lot of fun running, jumping, crashing and falling around. You can leave your kids to these activities while you enjoy some healthy exercise classes.


Regardless of the weather, there are several indoor activities in Brisbane that you can enjoy on your holiday. Some of the top raining day activities in Brisbane include visiting the planetarium, dropping by a hidden bar, spending time at the GOMA, visiting a boutique cinema, taking a tour of the XXXX brewery and taking your family to Bounce.

And, for your next Brisbane holiday, consider booking accommodation with us at Bridgewater Terraces!

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