Top 7 Brisbane Budget Friendly Attractions to Check Out in 2018

Brisbane is a great holiday destination for all types of travellers. Our city is well known for its modern cosmopolitan culture set in the middle of stunning natural beauty. In fact, Brisbane offers so much to see and do that it can be difficult to choose from the best attractions if you’re short on time.

If you’re planning an upcoming Brisbane holiday, I’m sure you want to explore as much as possible. But let me warn you – if you don’t plan your budget well, things can get pretty expensive. So to help you keep a cap on your holiday expenses, today I will list the top 7 budget-friendly Brisbane attractions you can check out for your upcoming holiday. Add these attractions to your itinerary, and you’re sure to have a wonderful holiday that won’t blow your budget.

  1. Explore the beauty of Brisbane city on any of the various river city cruises. I’m sure you’re well aware that the majestic Brisbane River runs through our city. One of the best ways to explore the stunning beauty of Brisbane is by taking a river cruise. A river cruise is also a budget-friendly way of getting across the city, so do try it out on your holiday.
  2. Take the Boggo Road Gaol History Tour to discover the intriguing history of this heritage prison. Guided 90-minute tours of the prison site happen daily, where you’ll learn more about the lives of inmates in the 1980s. You’ll witness original prison cells; inmate created graffiti and much more on this tour. Group sizes are limited though, so make sure to get there early for your tour.
  3. Take your family to the Haunted Brisbane CBD Tour. This family-friendly tour takes you through the modern blocks of Brisbane CBD with a haunted touch of the past. The tour starts at the Brisbane Arcade and carries on across three blocks before ending at the Treasury Hotel. It is a tour worth attending with your kids.
  4. Rent a bike, scooter or rollerblade and explore the many walkways of Brisbane. Our city is filled with parks and gardens, many of which also include walking and biking trails. You can also choose to explore the riverside on a bike. Brisbane’s climate is also great, making it an experience worth trying out.
  5. Hire stand-up paddleboards or kayaks offered by Walkabout Creek Adventures. While there are many adventure providers inside Brisbane city, Walkabout Creek Adventures is located just outside Brisbane. Not only does this make them cheap, but also gives you a chance to enjoy some relaxing time away from the city. You can try their kayaks or paddleboards at the Enoggera Reservoir, which is surrounded by stunning beauty.
  6. Take part in any of the mystery tours offered by Puzzle Tech Enterprises at Brisbane CBD. These mystery tours are incredibly family friendly and promise wholesome entertainment to one and all. There are many different tours to choose from and each tour presents a unique mystery to solve. Take your kids to this tour and they’re sure to love you for it!
  7. Try out rock climbing or abseiling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Riverlife Adventure offers several adventure activities in and around Kangaroo Point which are definitely worth trying out. Do note that they cost more than Walkabout Creek Adventures, but you’ll enjoy the luxury of being within the city. That way, you won’t need to travel too far to your accommodation after a day of adventure and outdoor activities.


There are several Brisbane attractions which can be enjoyed on a budget.

Some of these include taking river cruises, taking the Boggo Road Gaol History Tour, taking the Haunted Brisbane CBD Tour, renting a bike, scooter or rollerblades to explore the city, hiring kayaks or stand-up paddleboards at Walkabout Creek Adventures, taking part in Puzzle Tech Enterprises mystery tours and trying out the adventure activities offered by Riverlife Adventure at Kangaroo Point. All of these Brisbane attractions are incredibly budget friendly and will allow you to have a lot of fun on your holiday.

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