3 Travel Trends for a cheaper holiday in 2017

If you’re planning an upcoming Brisbane holiday, no doubt you’re incredibly excited! However, you must keep in mind that Brisbane is a fairly expensive city. Not to scare you off, but if you aren’t careful, you’ll blow your budget right out of the water.

But, don’t worry – I’m here to help you out. Continue reading as I list some of the money saving trends that our guests swear by. They may just help make your dream holiday become reality!

1. Look for Free Activities

Moreton Bay & Islands

Snorkel at Moreton Bay 

The number one trend that our guests follow to save money whist on holiday is to engage in free activities. Brisbane offers plenty of free activities for everyone to enjoy. There are local markets, beaches, museums, expos, gardens and many other attractions where you can have a good time at no expense. Take a page out of the books of our guests – it’ll definitely save you a great deal of money!

2. Save on Hotel Wi-Fi

I know, everybody today depends heavily on the internet. However, if you choose to go with hotel wi-fi, you’ll end up paying a lot extra. Most hotels in Brisbane charge anywhere between $10-$15 per day for wi-fi. Add up costs for all days you’ll be staying and this comes to a significant amount.  Be sure to factor any additional Wi-Fi costs into the nightly rate or choose apartments that offer affordable rates on their WiFi, such as here at Bridgewater Terraces.

3. Opt for Alternative Accommodation

Bridgewater Terraces

Alternative Accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces

One trend that continues to help travellers, such as our guests, save money year after year is to opt for affordable accommodation. Instead of choosing a hotel, consider alternative accommodation options like our self-contained holiday apartments or even Airbnb.

Additionally, by choosing to stay in a self-contained apartment, guests are able to cook their own meals, instead of paying for lavish meals at restaurants – this adds up to substantial savings. Every single apartment of ours includes a fully-equipped kitchen. And, if you’re not in the mood to cook, you’ll find plenty of cheap eats located near our holiday apartments.

Bridgewater Terraces offer 1, 2 and 3-bedroom holiday apartments located in Kangaroo Point. We cater to all types of travellers and our apartments are incredibly affordable from as little as $140. By staying with us, you’ll certainly make the most of your holiday dollar.

Click here to check our rates and our availability for your dates of travel or call us to book an apartment today!

About Denis Goodman

Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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