5 Health benefits of taking a holiday

While everyone loves to take time off work to enjoy a holiday, there are however, greater benefits to taking a holiday than you might know. I’m talking about the health benefits of taking a holiday.  55.7% of Australian visitors in 2015 choose to visit our country for a holiday. However, this number is down -1.8% on the previous year. Before you talk yourself out of booking Brisbane accommodation because you can’t afford it or you’re unsure if you can get time off work, consider the following reasons.

As an accommodation provider, I for one know how important a holiday is to health and mental well-being. Continue reading this article as I list out 5 of the top health benefits of taking a holiday.

1. Reduces stress levels

I guess not surprisingly, the biggest benefit of taking a holiday is that it reduces stress levels dramatically. In today’s competitive world, stress levels of people on the job are dangerously high. In fact, studies I’ve seen have revealed that 70% of all visits to a healthcare provider are due to stress related conditions. By taking a break from work and going on a holiday, stress levels can be kept in control. Not only does this prevent a burnout, but it also helps leave daily worries behind.

The Brisbane accommodation we offer here at Bridgewater Terraces provides a tranquil environment on the beautiful Brisbane River. You can sit back and relax on your deck while enjoying relaxing views of the river. A Brisbane holiday with us is sure to leave you rejuvenated.

2. Improves productivity and creativity

I’ve seen many studies state that taking a holiday can help boost productivity and creativity levels. Indeed, holidays offer a change of pace and this allows people to see their day to day world in a different manner. Holidays foster clearer thinking and this helps improve job performance. By taking a holiday it will definitely help boost your productivity and creativity, thanks to the many attractions and outdoor activities that the city has to offer.

If you choose Brisbane for your holiday destination, be sure to book your Brisbane accommodation with us here at Bridgewater Terraces. By staying with us, your holiday experience will definitely help you reconnect with yourself and get back to work fully refocused and refreshed.

3. Strengthens relationships

By taking a holiday with family members, friends or a partner, you can strengthen your relationships dramatically, I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. The shared experience that a holiday offers can help create an incredibly strong bond which stands the test of time. Even if you take a holiday by yourself, when you return you’ll feel more attachment towards your relations. This is because of the relaxations, rest and stress reduction that a holiday has to offer.

Whether you’re in Brisbane on your own, with your family or with your partners, you can find Brisbane accommodation suitable for your needs here at Bridgewater Terraces. We offer 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments which promise help you build strong bonds and create solid memories.

4. Increases confidence levels

Many studies stated that a holiday promotes a renewed sense of self and this in turn increases confidence levels, and I for one, have to agree. After you’ve taken a holiday, you’ll feel completely refreshed and will approach things with more vigour. Rather than opting for easy ways out, you will seek long term solutions to any problems that you face.

Take as long a holiday in Brisbane as you like and you’ll definitely benefit from better confidence levels when you get back to your daily routine. And don’t worry about Brisbane accommodation burning a hole in your pocket. At Bridgewater Terraces, our affordable apartments start at as low as $140 per night!

5. Improves overall health

Finally, a holiday will dramatically improve your mental and your physical health. It will induce feelings of calm in you and this will allow your mind and body to heal in ways that it couldn’t have done otherwise.

The adventure activities that Brisbane has to offer, coupled with the cultural and relaxing holiday lifestyle will definitely boost your overall health. Furthermore, the facilities and amenities on offer by our Brisbane accommodation will make off all the stimulation and relaxation need for both your mental and physical heal.

The Bottom Line:

There’s much more to a holiday than simply taking time off work and enjoying yourself. In fact, there are several health benefits of taking a holiday as well. Many research studies have demonstrated that a long holiday reduces stress levels dramatically. Holidays also help improve productivity and creativity and strengthen relationships as well. Taking a Brisbane holiday will boost your confidence levels and it will also improve your physical and mental health and well-being. No wonder so many people head down to our city to enjoy some quality time off their daily lives.

For your holiday, book your Brisbane accommodation at Bridgewater Terraces. Our affordable holiday apartments provide a peaceful and tranquil holiday atmosphere. Moreover, we offer a range of facilities and amenities at our apartments at the fraction of hotel prices. So take leaves from work and plan a trip to Brisbane. You’re definitely in for a great time!

About Denis Goodman

Denis is the manager of Bridgewater Terraces and has a long history with accommodation and property management rights. He brings his knowledge and experiences into his writer to help holiday makers have a wonderful holiday.

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