Brisbane Transport Options

When travelling to Brisbane, knowing the transportation options available will help you save money on renting cars and taxis. You must know that public transportation in Brisbane is very cheap and the integrated ticketing systems make it easy for travellers to commute. There are different Brisbane transport options.


Brisbane has an extensive bus network that will cover the entire Brisbane City. In Brisbane CBD, there is a bus that will take you to Adelaide Street, Central Station, Riverside and back to CBD again. You just have to look for the red bus stops. This bus network is free of charge and runs every 10 minutes or so. There is also another free loop service to Spring Hill. The Great Circle Line is a bus that runs in the major suburban shopping centers and will connect you to the CBD trains. The City Sights Bus is best for travellers who are visiting the city landmarks such as Anzac Square, Southbank, Kangaroo Point, Roma Street Parklands and Spring Hill.


Brisbane’s train network is fast and efficient. You can ride the train to go to Ferny Grove, bay side suburbs, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts. The main stations are Central in the central business district and the one in Roma Street. Other stations are located in Vulture Street, South Brisbane and Brunswick Street Station.

Citycats and Ferries

If you need to travel around the Brisbane River, the ferries and Citycats are best options for transport. Citycats aren’t as quick as the buses and trains but the river ride will be a fun one. There are so many sights to see. The Citycats travel down the river from UQ to St. Lucia and then goes all the way down to Brett’s Wharf. You can also ride the Citycats to go to Southbank and go down to the riverside where the craft markets are.

With the numerous Brisbane transportation options available, roaming around the city should not be too hard for any traveller. Australians are very friendly and won’t mind offering you help with directions too. What is more important here is that you are able to stay in Brisbane accommodation that is accessible to all transportation options. Bridgewater Terraces is a serviced apartment located in Brisbane CBD. Guests love our lodging facility because of the convenience, comfort and accessibility we provide. Just a few minutes of walk, you can already ride the train, the bus or the ferry. Make us your choice and your trip will definitely be a lot easier.

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