Hongkongers Love Brisbane, visitor statistics spike!

As the on-site manager of Bridgewater Terraces, an affordable alternative to expensive Brisbane hotels, I welcome quite a large number of guests year after year. While some are here to enjoy a holiday, some are travelling for business or visiting friends and family members. Last year statistics have just been released by Tourism and Events Queensland, and one of the clearest figures show that aside from local visitors coming from different regions around Australia, we have also welcomed international visitors, and a huge number of them were from Hong Kong.

Based on the data released, Brisbane received a total of 964,000 international visitors; 485,000 of which were here for holiday while 286,000 were visiting friends and family members. The remaining 111,000 were here for business reasons. Overall, the number for international tourists declined for the year ending March 2014. The number of visitors was -1.6% less compared to data gathered in the same period last year while travellers’ expenditure dropped by -4.2% to $1,526.8 million.

Although the overall data for international tourists was down, it is worth noting that travellers from Hong Kong has increased quite a lot in the same period. The statistics show Brisbane welcomed 27,000 visitors from this country which was a massive +16.6% increase compared to data gathered in the same period in 2013. That is the biggest jump considering all the number from international source markets. It’s followed by Canada with 27,000 visitors (+11.4% increase) and United Kingdom with 122,000 visitors (+11.9% increase).

When it comes to international visitors who were here for a holiday, Hong Kong remained to be the top international source market with 15,000 holiday makers, and I’ve certainly noticed it with a large increase in Brisbane hotel bookings from guest from Hong Kong. This number represents an impressive +35.2% increase compared to the data gathered in 2013. It’s followed by UK with 68,000 visitors (+11.3% increase) and Taiwan with 20,000 visitors (+4.1%).

Why the Spike?

As mentioned above, in the year ending March 2014, the numbers of visitors to Brisbane from Hong Kong rose at an impressive rate. One of the reasons is because of Brisbane’s local government’s drive to promote the city not just in Mainland China but also in Hong Kong. In April 2013, Brisbane launched its first international business brand campaign to attract Chinese students, conventions, and investments to the region. The successful campaign was aimed to Chinese and Hong Kong leaders and it achieved its goal of increasing trade, investment, and cultural link with Hong Kong.

Resource: http://www.brisbanemarketing.com.au/Media/News/2013/4/Hong-Kong-business-urged-to-Choose-Brisbane

Why you should visit Brisbane

If you’re considering Brisbane for your next holiday and about to look for a Brisbane hotel, let me outline all our wonderful city has to offer so you can see why so many Hongkongers and people from all around the globe chose to make Brisbane their choice of holiday destination. With a little luck, I’ll successfully convince you that Brisbane is in fact the perfect destination for you and when it comes time to book your Brisbane hotel, Bridgewater Terrace will come to your mind 🙂

Below are the things that you can look forward to:

  1. Almost perfect climate – one of the reasons why Brisbane is desirable for travellers all over the world is because it doesn’t have harsh winters that make you wish you lived in a tropical country. In fact, Brisbane enjoys months of great sunny days so you can expect pleasant holiday experience.


    Perfect weather almost all year round

  2. Endless things to do and see – International tourists tend to spend more than just a couple of days in Brisbane because this capital city offers so much more to different types of travellers. It doesn’t matter if you’re into old structures, nature, party atmosphere, or shopping, you can be assured that Brisbane has definitely something for you. Places that you shouldn’t miss include Brisbane CBD where you can find the best shopping and dining, the famous South Bank, and the several museums you can find everywhere. You should not also miss Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the City Botanic Gardens, and the iconic Story Bridge.

    South Bank, Brisbane

    South Bank, Brisbane

  3. Total relaxation – Aside from relaxing spa that you can find in every corner of Brisbane, you’ll also appreciate the many parks that you can find in the city. If you’re the kind of person who takes enormous pleasure in reading your favourite book while sitting in a park with a wonderful background of the river, you’ll find Brisbane endearing. Also, the people in Brisbane are very friendly, accommodating, and helpful that they make your travel experience exceptional.


Last year, Brisbane failed to attract more international visitors from other countries. However, travellers from Hong Kong have stepped up and boosted the numbers. The increase was partly because of the aggressive campaign by the city of Brisbane to form stronger ties with Hongkongers.

If you’re planning a Brisbane holiday and looking for Brisbane hotel accommodation, I recommend that you check out Bridgewater Terraces. Although not a hotel, we offers cheap Brisbane accommodation at Kangaroo Point perfect for holidays, business travellers or as short term accommodation. For enquiries, please fill up the form in our contact us page or call us at +61 7 3435 5216. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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