When to Visit Brisbane for a holiday

Brisbane is a very popular holiday destination that is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year, regardless of the season. It boasts stunning natural beauty and excellent weather all-year-round, plus, it plays host to various events and festivals throughout the year. So when people ask me “when is the best time to visit Brisbane?”, I always reply, “there is no wrong time to visit Brisbane”.

Brisbane holiday

Gorgeous Brisbane, where anytime’s a good time to visit!

If you’re planning an upcoming holiday and trying to decide when to book your Brisbane accommodation, then you’ll have a great time no matter when you decide to visit. Our city is great at any time of the year.  But, if you are looking for something specific, i.e, the hottest weather or an event-filled holiday, then it pays to read this post. Today, I’ll look at each season and provide a short overview so you know what time of year is best for your visit.

Autumn (March-May)

Autumn is a great time to visit Brisbane. The average temperatures range from 29°C/20°C (H/L) in March to 24°C/15°C (H/L) in May, which is ideal. While there may be a little precipitation during the autumn months, it is still great for exploring the natural beauty of our city. Autumn is also a low-season. This means you can enjoy cheaper rates from Brisbane accommodation providers and tour operator companies.

Winter (June – August)

Winter is probably one of the best times to visit Brisbane. The weather is still great during the winter months, plus Brisbane also hosts some fantastic events during winter. The average temperatures range from 21°C/12°C (H/L) in June to 22°C/11°C (H/L) in August. The great weather makes winter the best time to explore the best that Brisbane has to offer.

Winter is also low-season for Brisbane accommodation providers, including ourselves at Bridgewater Terraces. Should you plan a Brisbane holiday during winter, you’ll be able to take advantage of some fantastic accommodation deals. Our apartment specials are available at incredibly affordable prices during winter, so do take advantage of this.

Spring (September – November)

Brisbane’s temperatures rise a little during spring, providing absolutely perfect weather. The average temperatures range from 24°C/14°C (H/L) in September to 28°C/19°C (H/L) in November. During the months of spring, Brisbane’s natural beauty really blossoms and comes to life.

While many people plan on visiting Brisbane during spring, there aren’t many school or public holidays. This makes spring a great time to visit our city. You’ll get to experience the best that our city has to offer without having to bear long queues or waits. With fewer visitors, you’ll also be able to get your pick of Brisbane accommodation, tours, and attractions.

Summer (December – February)

Summer is the most popular time to visit Brisbane, which is why it is also high-season. The average temperatures range from 29°C/21°C (H/L) in December to 29°C/21°C (H/L) in March. This is still very pleasant, and that’s why many visitors flock to our city during summers. Also, there are plenty of school and public holidays during the summer months, so Brisbane is packed with tourists.

Because it is high season, there is plenty to see, do and experience in Brisbane during summer. However, if you’re planning to visit Brisbane during summer, then make sure to book your accommodation well in advance. We have Brisbane accommodation available at Bridgewater Terraces, but book at least 2-3 months out to secure your booking!


Brisbane is a fantastic holiday destination which can be visited throughout the year. Autumn and winter are low-season months while spring and summer are high-season months in Brisbane. The average temperatures are pleasant throughout the year, making every season perfect for visiting our city. Should you choose high-season months for your Brisbane holiday, make sure to book your accommodation in advance. With winter months, you shouldn’t face any problems with accommodation.

And, for the best accommodation in Brisbane, consider our self-contained apartments at Bridgewater Terraces. We offer a range of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom holiday apartments which are fully furnished and fully self-contained. Our holiday apartments are designed to offer you a relaxing escape from your Brisbane holiday. Moreover, we boast of a fantastic, central location just outside Brisbane CBD. By staying with us, you’ll make the most of your upcoming Brisbane holiday!

To find out more about our holiday apartments in Brisbane, call us at 07 3435 5216.

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