Brisbane Oktoberfest Accommodation 2011

There’s nothing more inviting than a glass of beer with friends and even family on spring. And what better way to have it than to join the Oktoberfest in Brisbane.

Oktoberfest is an annual tradition to celebrate the creation and love of beer. The event started in Germany until it was picked up by several countries all over the world. Once October strikes, the entire world makes a toast.

Unlike other countries, though, Brisbane tries to stick with the original tradition. Moreton Bay is easily transformed into one huge beer garden inspired by that of Munich. Tables will be set up just underneath the fig trees or under the bright lights of the moon and stars. If not, you can go into the Oktoberfest tent, which spans no less than 80 meters long.

There will be overflowing food—and, of course, several kegs of beer—for all those who want to join. Most of the dishes are still German inspired and are definitely known to be great partners to the chilly beverage. There will be plenty of activities too. You can hear live musicians performing country songs or German music as well as dancers who would move their way like the Germans would.

Competitions are also abundant. It’s normal to get challenged to yodeling or see women walking down ramps for the Ms. Oktoberfest. Men, on the other hand, can participate in the Bavarian Strongman.

Oktoberfest is not merely for the adults. The children are treated well too. Some dishes are kid friendly like pastries, cakes, pork hocks, pretzels, and sausages, which can go well with their favorite soda or other beverage. There will also be face painting and great children’s rides. Puppet theater may also be put up for their enjoyment. Popular celebrities such as those of Channel 10 can also drop by for a visit.

You surely don’t want to miss out Oktoberfest, so you should properly choose your Brisbane Oktoberfest accommodation. There are great resorts and hotels near Moreton Bay, one of which is Bridgewater Terraces. Apartments are all self containing, with complete laundry and kitchen facilities. The rooms are huge and can accommodate up to 7 people. They also have great views of the garden or the swimming pool. When you’re not in the festival, you can lounge in the well-manicured lawn or perhaps meet up with new friends in the barbecue area for grilled steaks and burgers.

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