Top 5 take-away restaurants in Fortitude Valley

Planning an upcoming Brisbane holiday are you? If you are, I recommend you visit Fortitude Valley whilst you’re in town. Fortitude Valley is well-known as Brisbane’s entertainment. However, there’s much more to what the Valley has to offer.

If there’s one great benefit of visiting Fortitude Valley, it’s the plethora of food and dining options at your avail. Unlike the city, Fortitude Valley has a smorgasbord of dining options and cuisines from around the world. Furthermore, you don’t even have to dress up or dine out. There are plenty of fantastic take away restaurants to take advantage of. 

And believe me, these come in very handy after a big night out – grab some takeaway on the way back to your apartment for the perfect end to a great night out!

Continue reading this article as I list the top five take-away restaurants in Fortitude Valley.

1. Harajuku Gyoza


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If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, then you must try some of the delicacies offered by Harajuku Gyoza. This restaurant is famous for its beer and wide range of dumplings (gyoza). If you’re considering a take-away, you must try out the beef gyudon, chicken karaage and some traditional Japanese beer.

2. Ben’s Burgers


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Who doesn’t love a good burger? I know I do, and you will too, once you feast on Ben’s Burgers. A restaurant styled on the idea of simplicity and minimalism, Ben’s makes some incredibly delicious burgers. For take-away after a big night out, I recommend the Elvis Burger, the BB special or the Bourbon BBQ. Your taste buds will definitely thank you.

3. Chur Burger


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As an alternative to Ben’s Burgers, you can also try out Fortitude Valley’s renowned Chur Burger. This burger joint is famous for its legendary pork burger and delicious snacks. The best part about Chur Burger is that any burgers will cost you just $10! There’s no reason not grab a burger from this joint!

4. Fat Dumpling

Pork dumplings

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I sure love Asian food. And, when it comes to the best of Asian cuisine, few restaurants in Brisbane can rival Fat Dumpling. Known for its authentic, lip smacking dishes, Fat Dumpling offers a range of dumplings and small dishes. Make sure to drop by this great restaurant if you’re in the mood for some great Asian food.

5. Boroughs of New York Pizza


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If you’re a pizza fan, Boroughs of New York is an absolute must. This slick fast food joint is well known with locals for its gigantic pizzas, fries, bagels and hot dogs. Boroughs of New York has an extensive menu for you to try out and I can assure you, every pizza is lip smacking delicious!


If you’re visit Fortitude Valley whilst in Brisbane, you’ll have plenty of take-away options to bring back to your apartment. Five of the best take-away restaurants in the Valley include Harajuku Gyoza, Ben’s Burgers, Chur Burger, Fat Dumpling and Boroughs of New York Pizza. Try out the food from any of these restaurants and you’re sure to thank me.

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